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I'm a writer, a coach and a crazy dog person - not always in that order! I love nature, big open spaces, pizza and road trips. I'm designing the life I always wanted.


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Been a long time ...

August 19, 2019


Yes, it's been too long. I went all-in with my last full time gig where I spent a year as SVP of Marketing doing all kinds of cool stuff while still keeping up with all my dog-related pursuits. That gig ended with me moving from Virginia, my home since 2003, to Boulder, Colorado in May. A new adventure begins!


In keeping with this "new adventure" theme, I'm going to be revamping this website and putting my online focus to building The Q Coach, my performance and mindset coaching for people - like me - who compete with their dogs.


The heart moves the feet


As I transition to Boulder and have all sorts of marketing conversations (and interviews!), I'm compelled to share (or maybe get out?) my musings about the importance of emotion when it comes to marketing as well as life.


This started as a conversation with a friend about her frustration that her marketing boss was all about the algorithms and in capturing the search traffic but that this revised content strategy was not converting. "No emotion," I said, "No heart." Humans engage, humans still make the choice to take action, humans buy.


Matt Smith, founder of SmithGifford, and I used to have this conversation all the time around branding and great marketing: there HAS to be an emotional component, the rational alone just won't get you there. The rational might be the justifications you give friends and bosses for choosing a car or a vendor, but in the end the heart moves the feet. Getting someone to truly feel something is the real genius.


Which brings me to a U-Haul


Martha Beck (Oprah-famous life coach) has a parallel to this rational/emotional concept for life: Social self and essential self. The social self is rational, takes the secure job, brings wine to a house party, follows society's norms and "behaves." The essential self does what the heart wants, follows passion, takes the leap and yes, packs her sh*t in a U-Haul and drives west. I've always been a mix of these two constructs, but my essential self was at the wheel on the turnpike.


My decision wasn't rash, far from it. I had been conspiring to move to Boulder since a visit in 2017, but the rational, the on-paper, the algorithms would have told me to stay put, stay with the known, the working. Our lives have to be a mix of the rational and emotional, the social and essential selves if we are not just to survive this life but thrive. It won't always make sense to those around you, who love you and want you safe, but your heart will understand.


What's next, you ask?


I'm having a great summer in Boulder, and yes interviews abound. I've decided that in addition to building The Q Coach, I am hanging out my shingle for freelance writer with some marketing consulting. So if you have ideas, contacts or just need some of my specific genius, please email me!


If you want to sign up for my dog-related musings, do so HERE.


Oh, and I still need a place to live and I'm also a superb house-sitter! So if you have any connections for either situation, please share!



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Been a long time ...

August 19, 2019

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July 20, 2018

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