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I'm a writer, a coach and a crazy dog person - not always in that order! I love nature, big open spaces, pizza and road trips. I'm designing the life I always wanted.


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Where is home?

February 1, 2017


There are just two phone numbers I have memorized anymore and both are from my childhood - my own and that of my BFF. Neither of us lives in those zip codes anymore, nor do our parents. But is home always that place where you grew up? Is it a dwelling? A street? A pizza place? Is this home?


The WiFi remembers me in many places, across timezones, in chairs where I eventually return. From places where I'm fed, to dwellings where I pause to jump on a conference call, to couches where I unroll my sleeping bag. The WiFi knows me, so are these places home?


Every so often I unpack and actually put my things in drawers with choices of what I might wear instead of predetermined outfits. I do laundry, I steam shirts, I fold. These drawers aren't mine to keep but loaned with love and I snuggle in. If my pants feel at home, am I?


I've been known to say that you can't claim you've visited a state unless you at least eat there, but preferably sleep. I've also said that you can't say you've lived somewhere unless your bills find you. This means I officially lived in Boston for five weeks one summer, long enough to get my Visa bill. Does my bank decide where home is?


My art and my driver's license share an address that I know isn't going anywhere. The majority of my possessions are protected by a Master lock with 24-hour access. Amazon manages a roulette of shipping addresses and most bills are online. Is home your voting address?


The adage goes, "home is where the heart is," which means a piece of my heart is in all of these places. That's about 45 pieces this past year, with lots of repeats. I have used #homeiswherethedogis which is most true, I suppose, as that's where the largest chunk of my heart resides. So is home where my dogs are?


What I know for sure is this past year I have expanded the number of places I ever knew I could be welcomed. Separately and together, the dogs and I have been invited in, stuffed with wonderful food and blanketed with love. Every night has a story and I usually felt I received more than I gave. #mylifesnotforeveryone but what a wonderful adventure it's been! Ever grateful. Ever home.



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