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I'm a writer, a coach and a crazy dog person - not always in that order! I love nature, big open spaces, pizza and road trips. I'm designing the life I always wanted.


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Year-end thoughts ...

December 13, 2016


We are getting to the end of the year where hope intersects with regret. Where looking forward and making plans crosses with what didn't get done or what fell apart. 


I've learned that some things need to fall apart to make space for something new. And some things need to shatter completely so we aren't tempted to glue them back together. Let it go. Let it all go. Forgive others and instead thank them for turning you in a new direction. Forgive yourself and thank yourself for moving toward something you never predicted could happen when a year ago you stood in these same cross roads. 


Make big lists. Have big desires and goals and lots of hope. Know that you are the one person who can change your world and if your current posse isn't supporting you, there's a new one who will. Forgive those who can't see your dream and who think you should do different. It's not their path. 


Love yourself hard but be a little less hard on yourself. Don't make excuses, but don't make hate either - not for yourself or anyone else. Less judgement, more love this year all around. 


Make process goals - how you want to act instead of what you want to get. You can be both soft and fierce this year. What is it that will make your heart sing this year? What is it you need to do to fly? To allow others to fly? 


Breathe more. Find the quiet spaces and feel them in. Take up a new spiritual practice especially if spirit looks a lot like nature to you.


Create more, edit ruthlessly. There's art everywhere. Look up. Run hard into how you want to feel without thinking how it could end, because what if it doesn't?


Stand in these crossroads, feel the sun on your face and trust in the open road.






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