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I'm a writer, a coach and a crazy dog person - not always in that order! I love nature, big open spaces, pizza and road trips. I'm designing the life I always wanted.


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From should to want

August 9, 2016


At the beginning of this year I started writing “yoga" and “meditate” at the top of my planner page as a couple of my to-dos for the week. My life was, by most standards, a mess and I had run away to another state to recover. Or hide. Or both.


The meditation practice came more quickly, motivated by CarrieAnne Moss and the desire to sit still. I opened my intention and let in what came forward.


But the yoga practice – or habit, because that’s what I knew I *should* do – didn’t come. And I really enjoy yoga and have for many years. I had plenty of reasons (aka excuses), but just never unrolled the mat.


Until recently. One day I decided to unroll the mat and just do a sun salutation. Just one. Then I unrolled the mat outside on the deck in the morning after walking the dogs and did one. Then two. Then I started adding in a few other poses and more repetitions.


And then one day I didn’t do it, and I missed it. That’s how I knew I had a habit on my hands! I missed the sounds of the birds, the morning peace and even fighting my dogs for space on the mat.


I could beat myself up for it taking me until July to do something that’s been on my list since January, but I won’t. The thing is, we do whatever-it-is when we are ready. We change, we move forward, we let go, we start again … when we are ready to do so.


Now, being ready can have a LOT of different catalysts, but the result is that something from the should column moves to the will column and we begin with a new attitude and desire. I moved my “should do yoga” to action by lowering the bar and making it do-able for me – I could give it a few minutes. I could start with compassion for myself and my often unreal expectations.


Is there a *should* in your life that’s hounding you? Could you lower your own expectations and take a small step? Trust me, it feels great.






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