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I'm a writer, a coach and a crazy dog person - not always in that order! I love nature, big open spaces, pizza and road trips. I'm designing the life I always wanted.


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Not enough time?

July 6, 2015



It’s the beginning of the week and my mind jumps into overdrive with all the things I have to do. How will I get it all done? There isn’t enough time.


And I stop myself. Take a beat. Breathe.


What I have come to know for sure is we make the time for the things that are important to us. We find the time to cuddle with the dogs though it makes us late for work. We send the text to a friend instead of sending an email to a client. We find the time to do what we truly want to do.


This isn’t bad or good, it’s just honest. In all these little ways our heart is speaking up - making little choices based on the heart’s priorities.


And then we admonish ourselves because we’re late for work, lacking in clients or late on the project. I used to label all of this behavior “procrastination” because I was putting something off that I should be doing or need to do. Now I stop and inquire why. Why not tackle that to-do list? Am I not confident I can do it? Do I not want to do it? Would I rather do something else?


In spite of our constant internal judgments, all of the answers are valid ones. The bottom line is: Is how you’re spending your time in line with what your soul wants? (Did you just reject that question because I used the word “soul?” Hmm ...) Your goals - the big ones and the daily ones - will only be realized if your heart wants them too.


So the next time you are facing down a list of to-dos and daily gottas and lots of shoulds, think about how you want to spend your time. And maybe you do have to do a thing you don’t enjoy but it supports a greater heart goal - then reframe it. Draw the line back to your heart’s priorities and make the connection. You will find you have time for the things that serve your greater self.


The Desire Map process helped me with this. I’m clear about how I want to feel and how my daily to-dos serve my heart’s goals. Let me know if I can help you find this clarity.

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