Wheeee!! Here we go!


THANK YOU to each and every one of you for joining together on this journey! Some of you are continuing while others are new to the adventure so I will first get our "dogmin" (that's dog+admin) stuff out of the way.

You have each been added to our super-secret, closed Facebook group. Every week I will pose a question, challenge, reminder, prompt, or ... who knows?! Facebook will let you "save" the group to your favorites so that the group will show up in your shortcuts. PLEASE read and comment on the posts even if you don't feel like sharing something personal. Even "following" will let me know you're checking in. IMPORTANT: What happens in the FB group stays in the FB group! This is the only way it will remain a safe space for all of us.

You also each have TWO 1:1 coaching sessions with me to use however you want. You know what's crazy, a couple of you didn't use them both last year! PLEASE use them! This is all about creating momentum and supporting you throughout the year so let me help you forgodsakes!

We will also do quarterly FB Live sessions. These are no more than an hour and will be saved within the timeline of our super-secret group. Of course, it's great if you join live, but at least watch the replay.

I will also want to send you a treat to your door sometimes so please send me an email  which includes your mailing addy and unisex shirt size. You just never know!

Often I will share links to documents which are housed on my Dropbox. If you ever have an issue getting to the content, PLEASE reach out and I will find a way to get it to you! Don't let the tech get in our way :)

Tips for staying on track
  • Mark or flag the email sent to you in your inbox so that it stands out. Then commit to re-reading it when you notice it there.

  • Re-read this email weekly, or on some regular interval. Each time you will glean something different from the content.

  • Save the meditation to your smartphone and set up a regular time to sit for a few minutes (set an alarm).

  • Invest in yourself and commit to creating new good habits to push out the old ones!

New year. Resolutions. Goals. Yada yada. Sometimes it all seems like a cliche - and it can be. But I'm going to challenge you: your goals should light you up! Your goals and dreams should make you want to jump off the couch, grab a handful of treats and get to work. If not, THROW THEM AWAY and start over. For real. Right now.

Without thinking about a particular dog in your home, I want you to answer three questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish this year?

  2. What's a stretch goal you want to achieve?

  3. What's the "OMFG it would be AMAZING if this thing happened"?

The first is realistic and should feel pretty doable (but you still need a plan!). The second feels scarier and you're a little afraid to want it. The third should feel horrible.


Wait, Whaaaa??


Yes, horrible. And if it doesn't feel like something dark and secret and scary, you're not trying. Go back and go bigger. I'm giving you permission to want something so amazing that verbalizing it to "certain people" would evoke eye rolls and judgment. But let me tell you something when you keep your desires in the dark, that's where they will stay.



[Homework] Answer those ^ questions

Take your time with the questions above. You'll know you're "done" when you have a strong emotional reaction to what you've written down. Yes, they should evoke emotion.

CAUTION: You will want to write a virtual "laundry list" for #1. Resist! There will be so many things you want to do this year! I get that - my first cut was similar. But typically if you do the "big things," the other things will happen. Focus on the things that move you.

A little about emotion

The Facebook Live session I did in January in our group talks about setting Soul-Goals, or feeling-based goals. (Go watch it if you haven't yet.) What this means - and the reason they are so effective - is that you are led by how you want to FEEL. Danielle LaPorte originated "Core Desired Feelings" and wrote an amazing book called "The Desire Map" which goes deep on this topic.

Because she's a giver, she provided an awesome package which includes a workbook and an audiobook and I strongly recommend you download both!

Everything I can dream is waiting for me;
it's already in the works and on its way to me.

A mantra is a word or a phrase that conjures up an idea you want to connect to, and these are just a starting point. Create a single mantra for the month or different mantras for different dogs and situations - whatever works. The idea is that your word or phrase should bring you back to the moment and ground you.

[Pro Tip] Are you writing this down??

You probably already know how I feel about writing things down and this journey isn't any different! I am a HUGE proponent of having a dedicated planner or calendar for JUST dog things which includes the work we will do together.

In order to achieve anything you need to:

  1. Write down your goals;

  2. Write down the milestones and actions needed to achieve those goals; and

  3. Capture feedback (or journal) how those action steps are going.

[Meditation] Set your intentions

Stop me if you've heard this one before ... Actually, no, don't because this meditation is a favorite! I use this one often - I have it saved to my own Dropbox folder and then made it "available offline" so I have it right on my smartphone. Ah, technology!

This meditation comes from Carrie-Anne Moss who's not only an actress but a Kundalini teacher and has a wonderful spiritual blog. I follow her on Instagram and have done one of her virtual classes, hence the meditation.

CHALLENGE: I want you to commit to this meditation EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR 28 DAYS. Yup, the same time it takes to form a habit. It becomes easier if you do it at the same time  - for me, that's right before I go to bed. Another suggestion is to use it as "medicine" when you feel yourself getting carried away from your purpose. I've done this in my van at a trail when I felt I needed to come back to what matters - to ground myself. It will become and indispensable tool in your kit!

It's a short meditation, very grounding ;) Somedays will be easier than others. Some days you'll drift, others you will be right there in the visualization. Stick with it. For 28 days.

"Some people around you will not understand your journey. They don't need to; it's not for them."
-- Paulo Coelho --